NYCC: Dr. Horrible-ette & Captain Hammer-ette

Since the moment I first saw Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, I have been hopelessly and madly in love with it. I've memorized every song a hundred times over, know every line, but yet I STILL cry at the end. It's true that I get a little bit fanatical over a lot of different fandoms, but Dr. Horrible has never faded or lost its interest for me.

So for about a year now I've been playing with the idea of being a female Dr. Horrible. Naturally, however, I could not do it without a female Captain Hammer and IDEALLY a mousey red-headed boy to swoon over. The gender reversal Penny did not come about, but I did manage to convince my friend Genevieve into dressing as Captain Hammer-ette for me at New York Comic-Con 2010.

I bought a "mad scientist" jacket off of and altered it INTENSELY with the help of my dear friend Alli, bought some welding goggles and gloves, and I was set. Despite some setbacks: like the paint on my goggles remaining tacky and sticking to my hair - it was still a super fun cosplay to wear and I'd love a repeat performance. Next time I'd like to sing a lady's version of a "A Man's Gotta Do" for cosplay competition or something.


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