Halloween 2010

(Yes, yes, I'm aware this is a bit late... but considering that my website has been down I have a massive backlog of things to post!)

Halloween is my favourite holiday EVER. It's the day where it's acceptable to cosplay in public, and one can rot their livers with booze and their teeth with candy. This year though, unfortunately, I fell ill in the middle of the holiday so I didn't get to experience it to its full extent... but I still had a good time.

A few days before I went to Nuemo's in Seattle and danced it up... and on Saturday night I assisted my friend Sven in DJing at the Whisky Bar in downtown Seattle. I was lady Han Solo (which unfortunately only exists in cruddy iphone photographs) and zombie Wonder Woman. Ben was the Tenth Doctor, which was absolutely hot since he's a dead ringer for Tennant without his beard, but unfortunately not many people understood who he was.

All in all though, it was a good Halloween... and I'm already planning my costumes for 2011.

People pictured: Max, Jonathan Bell, Ben Templesmith, Veronica, Sven's Hand w/ Sonic Screwdriver


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