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I write for a plethora of different websites, both as a staff writer and as a guest contributor. If you'd like me to do a piece for your website (I write about more than just comic books! Video games, anime, fashion, movies, etc), please send me an email. Otherwise, here's links to all of my articles elsewhere.

Ain't it Cool News:

Comic Book Review Catch-up


12-16-2010 Christmas Cheer in Comic Book Form
12-09-2010 The Quintessential Comic Book Geek Gift Guide
12-08-2010 WANT!
12-02-2010 Geeky Holiday DIY
11-18-2010 The Technique: A look at the Process of Comic Book Art
11-11-2010 The Best Manga of 2010
11-04-2010 Text Based Roleplaying: A Beginner's Guide
10-28-2010 Zombies: You Can't Outrun Them
10-21-2010 Turning Japanese: A Starter Guide to [Historical] Manga
10-07-2010 Breaking Into the Comics Industry: A "Friendly" Guide
09-30-2010 Convention Report: Jornadas de Avil├ęs 2010
09-23-2010 Easy "Closet" Cosplay
09-16-2010 Comic Book Conventions: Spanish Style 
09-09-2010 A Love Letter to Comics
09-02-2010 Molly's Best Comic Book Video Games
08-26-2010 Gateway Comics for Girls Who Don't Read Comics
08-19-2010 Turning Japanese: A Starter Guide to [Robot] Manga
08-12-2010 Turning Japanese: A Starter Guide to [Shoujo] Manga
08-05-2010 We're Not Like That Anymore! Comic Book Reader Stereotypes
07-29-2010 Photo Roundup: San Diego Comic-con 2010
07-22-2010 SDCC 2010: Toy Fever - Exclusive Must Haves at San Diego Comic-Con
07-15-2010 Attention First Timers! What to Expect from San Diego Comic-Con
07-08-2010 Braaaaains: Digesting Zombie Comics
06-29-2010 Turning Japanese: A Starter Guide to [Fantasy] Manga
06-22-2010 Talk Nerdy to Me!
06-15-2010 Turning Japanese: A Starter Guide to [Horror] Manga
06-08-2010 The Top Five Super Powers I DO Want
06-01-2010 The Top Five Super Powers I DON'T Want
05-25-2010 Stories from the Convention Floor
05-18-2010 So you Want to Cosplay: An Introduction
05-11-2010 Get Schooled: Proper Comic Book Convention Etiquette
05-04-2010 The Top Ten Most Interesting Comic Book Pets
04-27-2010 Talk Nerdy to Me!
04-20-2010 The Top Ten Least Fashionable Comic Book Characters
04-13-2010 The Top Ten Most Fashionable Comic Book Characters
04-06-2010 Con Season Begins: Comic Book vs. Anime Conventions


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