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Name: Molly McIsaac
Age: Twenty something
Location: Seattle, WA

Somewhere between the realm of "real life" and mythos, a unicorn and a giant kraken met and fell in love. Even though they knew they could never be, their union created a long limbed, super quirky creature that people in the "real world" started to call Molly.

Always having something to say from her wee-est form, she read things voraciously and collected action figures when the rest of her peers were playing with barbies. Boys would call her for tips on how to beat the boss battle, and she was rife with X-men trivia.

Much to her (human) mother's dismay, she never seemed to grow out of this awkward geekiness... but to combat her crippling strangeness she developed an acute interest in anything related to fashion, and social interaction. Somehow disguising herself as a functioning member of society, she began to fool people into thinking she was cool: with her opinions on things, the photographs she took, or something of the sort.

These days, she is dragging out her calculated plan of taking over the world with her opinions on the geek subculture and lifestyle, and she feels the inherent need to photograph anything and everything she can point her lens at. At this point she actually physically exists halfway in the internet, but there are still frequent Molly sightings on various convention floors.
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