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Cosplay: Death Note

You know, as I was collecting these images together it struck me that I don't think I edited them all... because we had a Light and a Ryuk and I cannot seem to find those photographs. I will search for them later; regardless, these crazy talented cosplayers are the Boise based cosplay group Ichidan. I used to be their official photographer before I moved to Seattle.

I did this photoshoot at Aki-Con 2009.

Misa: Smidge
L: Christian
Mello: Sonja
B: Krystal
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Cosplay: Kyoko (Dark Moon Mio) from Skip Beat

Yet another photoshoot of my bff Natalie; this time she is cosplaying Kyoko (Dark Moon Mio) from Skip Beat. Admittedly, I have never read this manga, but judging from comments from other people she was spot on. I love her ability to get completely in character; Nat is not a snotty, arrogant bitch "IRL". I shot these photos at Anime Banzai 2009, back with my little Canon Rebel EOS. Aww.

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Sakura-Con: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

A Disney Princess brought to life! I shot this lovely Belle at Sakura-con 2010.

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NYCC: Ramona Flowers

As I was wandering around the (extremely crowded) New York Comic-Con this year, I was overwhelmed with the number of Ramona Flowers I was encountering. I literally could not walk for more than three minutes without seeing one. So although I photograph most cosplayers anyway, I made a point of "collecting" all of the Ramona Flowers that I saw. I missed some: I couldn't get their attention or was in a hurry to get somewhere. But here is my humble Ramona collection.

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Sakura-Con: Kuroshitsuji

I shot so many incredible cosplays at Sakura-con 2010 that I'm still running into photos I forgot to edit. This group of cosplayers from Portland, OR were especially impressive, and some of the most meticulous and in character Kuroshitsuji representations I have ever had the honor to shoot.

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Cosplay: Ciel Phantomhive

I have a whole plethora of serial offenders: cosplayers who I constantly shoot and are always in front of my lens. I have no qualms with this, because usually these camera hogs are insanely talented, adorable, and a great pleasure to work with. Emily is one of those cosplayers: she doesn't understand how utterly adorable is, and she's great fun to work with. Here she is cosplaying Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji at a local "Gasukan" (a cosplay meet-up here in Seattle)

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Falalalalala, lalalalalalaaaa.

These were my Christmas cards last year, drawn by my old roommate and bff Natalie. They picture herself, me, and my doggie Sushi. Happy Holidays!

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Emerald City Comic-Con: Red Shirt

Egads, I can't believe another ECCC is coming up so soon. So much to do, so little time. Aaaaugh.

Anyway, I took these photos of the adorable Alli (remember her?) at Emerald City Comic-Con 2010. She was EXTRA EXPENDABLE, as you can see. Also, I think this may have been my first official photoshoot with my Canon 5D Mark II.

Outtakes, per usual:

...And then I joined in the fun.

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