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I'm sure most of us (well, of the fairer persuasion) remember playing with paper dolls once or twice as a child. I was never into any of that "girly stuff", but I did always like clothes. I never had Barbie dolls, but I did put Barbie dresses on GI Joes and Power Rangers! is a fantastic website that lets grown ups "play" with paper dolls... without the creepy doll part. It's a powerful image tool and a great resource for fashion as well, and I have been playing with it for years. Basically, you can "clip" images from different websites... and then make "sets" with them! I tend to "fashionably re-create" comic book and anime characters (as seen below). It's also a great place to get inspiration for your own outfits.

It's certainly a little hard to explain, so check out and see for yourself!

Pokemon - 020 Raticate


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