Meet Molly's Animals: Sushi the Pomeranian

The entirety of my life, I have been surrounded by animals. I was born into a family of a mother, father, and two labradors. They were basically like my separate parents: Duke and Daisy, my constant furry protectors.

Over the years the "menagerie" at my parent's house built up to include horses, chickens, a goat, cats, and even some deer, moose, and elk (my mother rehabilitates wildlife). My love for animals was nurtured by this and never waned, so when I was about to move out I was pretty depressed about not being able to take my giant black labrador Tidus with me. I began thinking perhaps I should get a small dog, and thus began my epic search for the "perfect" tiny fluff... and that brought me to Sushi.

Sushi is five years old and weighs four pounds. She's a purebred Pomeranian and the absolute four legged love of my life. Her mannerisms are adorable and strange and she brings me infinite smiles.



Alli | December 23, 2010 at 9:46 PM

SUSHIIIIIIII! I love that lil fluff <3<3<3

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