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Outfit of the Day: 02-27-2011

Dress: Some Shop in San Francisco I can't remember the name of
Jewelry: Ebay
Hat: Good Will
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Outfit of the Day: 02-18-2011

My "Vegas Skank" outfit!

Dress: Crossroads Trading Company
Shoes: Forever21
Jewelry: Forever21 & Ebay
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Outfit of the Day: 02-17-2011

Taken in Vegas.

Dress: Thrifted
Boots: Amazon.com
Cardigan: Thrifted
Hat: Clothing Swap
Belt: Thrifted
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Outfit of the Day: 02-04-2011

I have been really bad about updating my outfits. I will try to keep more on top of things!

Dress: Vintage
Jacket: F21
Scarf: Knitted by Mother's Friend
Boots: Thrifted
Bag: H&M
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When I was home in Idaho for Thanksgiving last year, my mother dragged me (hahaha, "dragged" me) to the Sandpoint Animal Shelter, which is one of the nicest animal shelters I have ever been to. It's a no kill shelter, and all of the animals are incredibly happy... especially the kitties! There are about seven cat rooms where they all live together and play, and you can go into each room and pet the cats and get to know them.

Despite being terribly allergic to cats, I still spent way too much time there and photographed lots of meow meows.

And we ended up bringing this little darling, who is now named Zipper and spends a lot of time sleeping in front of my parent's fireplace:

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Outfits in Paris

I am long overdue for blog posts about my trips last year to Spain and France. I actually haven't even edited all of my France photographs yet; I am SO behind on editing that there's still cosplay shoots from Aki-con sitting untouched on my harddrive. Eventually I'll have enough time to chill out for two seconds and accomplish such things, but right now is not the time.

Regardless, here's some photos of some outfits I wore in Paris. I got that scarf at H&M whilst I was there and even though it sheds all over me it's still one of my favourites. My outfits were pretty similar since I only brought two pairs of boots and it was FREEZING, so I was constantly wrapped up in sweaters and too-thin jackets.

The Louvre:

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