When I was home in Idaho for Thanksgiving last year, my mother dragged me (hahaha, "dragged" me) to the Sandpoint Animal Shelter, which is one of the nicest animal shelters I have ever been to. It's a no kill shelter, and all of the animals are incredibly happy... especially the kitties! There are about seven cat rooms where they all live together and play, and you can go into each room and pet the cats and get to know them.

Despite being terribly allergic to cats, I still spent way too much time there and photographed lots of meow meows.

And we ended up bringing this little darling, who is now named Zipper and spends a lot of time sleeping in front of my parent's fireplace:


Trude | March 2, 2011 at 3:09 PM

Oh so cute! Hooray for shelter pets, they're the best!

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