Outfit of the day: 01-20-2011

A lot of people were commenting on this photo on facebook, saying things about "goth". True, I definitely went through a phase in high school (though it was more Japanese Visual Kei than goth, methinks) and the majority of my wardrobe IS black... but I have never thought of myself as goth. Some days I feel like wearing florals and nudes; other days I feel like blacks and greys. Labeling my fashion style is challenging and pointless, because my moods change every time I walk into my closet. I am an odd mashup of geeky, gothic, romantic, boho, and hipster. Don't question it; I don't. And isn't that what fashion is about? Expressing yourself? I do not dress to adhere to standards or cliches. And although this is sounding very much like a highschooler arguing with a parent about why they can't wear "that", a lot of it still rings true. I know how to dress to look like an adult and still be quirky and silly. I accentuate simple pieces with odd jewelry or interesting makeup. Nothing I wear would ever have me shunned from society, but at the same time it is very much ME.

That's why I love fashion. It's a physical manifestation of the way I feel and think on that day. I can tell certain strangers so much about me with one dress or a single carefully chosen ring. Fashion is my art form.

What I'm wearing:

Long Black Dress: H&M
Black Cowboy Boots: Thrifted
Both Cardigans: Thrifted
Black Faux Leather Jacket: Forever21
Scarf: Made for me by my mother's friend Emily
Bag: H&M
All jewelry except the long silver chain: ebay
Long silver chain: My grandmother's


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